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Accutime "Drag Race" Timing Systems  
Welcome to the Accutime "Drag Race" Timing Systems website... Thank you for your interest in Accutime II Timing Systems. We believe you will find this system to be of the highest quality; the most cost effective timing system available for both the Local and National event style drag strips.

Accutime v9.5.6 is now available with many new features you have been requesting:

  • Unlimited number of organizational modes with unlimited number of categories
  • Remote reports with vector scaling report viewer
  • Active secondary computer with optional primary synchronization
  • Announcer Screen (dual pair of cars) updates
  • Full backups (remote and primary)
  • 4 sets of cars and dial-ins ready to be loaded
  • Incremental time reports
  • Improved group points system
  • Fast Web View PDF files for every report created
  • Auto Start and Tree Offset settings now print to the time slips
  • Cleaner and bigger fonts
  • Real-time TV and media feeds
  • ** and many other enhancements **
Accutime Facts!  
We have had the category based LED tree offset feature for many years! The technology does exist!

Has been used at these types of events...
  • NHRA National Open Events
  • IHRA Divisional's
  • Large number of 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile tracks across the U.S.A.
  • Sand Drags